Altar Servers

Altar Servers

Being a server means serving God and God’s people at Mass. That is what makes serving Mass worth doing and worth doing well. Mass servers are welcome members of the liturgy’s “team,” along with greeters, musicians, presider, lectors and Eucharistic ministers. Girls and boys who belong to the parish and are in fifth grade and older are trained to serve on the altar at St. Paul’s. Servers are:

  • trained once a year
  • expected to arrive 20 minutes before the liturgy
  • assigned to various masses throughout the year
  • usually serve about once a month
  • responsible to find a replacement when not able to serve at their
    assigned liturgy

For information on becoming an altar server:

  • Virginia Ostrin: (310) 474-1527 ext.288

Going Deeper

From “The Ministry of Servers” by Michael Kwatera O.S.B.

“Why does the priest need servers to help him at Mass? From the early days of the Church people have thought that the priest shouldn’t do every thing at Mass, and so different kinds of people have helped him: deacons, readers, and acolytes. Today, servers do some of the tasks that acolytes did in the past (such as preparing the altar and sanctuary before Mass, and saying the responses along with the assembly. Hundreds of years ago, an acolyte would carry the chalice, candles, and other items need for Mass in a sack slung over his back. He would prepare everything for the Mass and then help the priest at the altar. When Mass was over, the acolyte would pack everything up again and carry it out.”