The Lector is the minister who proclaims the first two readings of the liturgy. God speaks through our lectors to bring the printed word to life for those assembled. In doing this a lector enters into a deeper relationship with the Word of God as revealed in sacred scripture.

A Lector at Saint Paul the Apostle is:

  • An adult or teen parishioner
  • A person with deep respect for the word of God
  • A person able to proclaim the word of God with confidence, poise, and
    clear articulation.

After completing a training session, Lectors are asked each month for their availability via e-mail and are generally assigned to one mass a month. There is an expectation that you will arrive a half hour early at your assigned mass to go over the particulars of the liturgy of the day. Additionally, we meet once a year as a group to review procedures and techniques.

Coordinator: Tom Roth