Parish Staff

Parish Staff


Rev. Gil Martinez, C.S.P.

Phone: 424-832-5160

Rev. Ryan Casey, C.S.P.
Associate Pastor

Phone: 424-832-5154

Rev. Jerry Tully, C.S.P.
Associate Pastor

Phone: 424-832-5155

Reverend Mr. Danny Amos,  Parish Deacon

Phone: 310-203-8888   

Vanessa Reyes-Smith,  Director of Operations and Communications

Phone: 424-832-5153

Mary Ann Bertolucci

Scheduling/Data Administration

Phone: 424-832-5158

Mary Pat Cooper Coordinator of Church & School Advancement

Phone: 424-832-5162

Irene Holly
Director, Children’s Religious Education

Phone: 310-689-6212      

Adrian Barrios Teen Confirmation/Youth Ministry Coordinator

Phone: 424-832-5150 E-mail:

Lois Massey
Business Operations

Phone: 424-832-5152     

Christopher Walker Director of Music

Phone: 310-689-6213     

John Newman Hospitality Ministry (Ushers)


Tom Roth

Lisa Wellik Liturgy, Eucharisic Ministers & Sacristans
Phone: 424-832-5156

Senior Ministry