Who is Father Hecker?

Servant of God Isaac Thomas Hecker (Dec. 18, 1819 – Dec. 22, 1888) was the New York City-born son of German immigrants who spent his early life working in his family’s bakery and flour business.

As a young man, he began a spiritual journey that eventually led to him to the Catholic Church.  He became a priest and a faithful son of the Church who was not afraid of questioning, challenging and experimenting.

In 1858, together with his associates, Fr. Hecker founded the Paulist Fathers with the mission of helping the American people understand the Catholic Church and helping the Church understand the democratic spirit of America.

Fr. Hecker was a brilliant missionary preacher, author, publisher and pastor.  It is our prayer that, one day, he also will be known as a saint.  The cause for Fr. Hecker’s beatification and canonization was formally opened in 2008 at which time he received the title “Servant of God.”

A Prayer for Father Isaac Thomas Hecker

Father Isaac Thomas Hecker C.S.P. (1819-1888)
Heavenly Father, you called your servant Isaac Thomas Hecker to preach the Gospel to the people of North America and through his teaching, to know the peace and the power of your indwelling Spirit. He walked in the footsteps of Saint Paul the Apostle, and like Paul spoke your Word with a zeal for souls and a burning love for all who came to him in need. Look upon us this day, with compassion and hope. Hear our prayer. We ask that through the intercession of Father Hecker your servant, you might grant us (state the request). We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, Our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit. One God, forever and ever. Amen

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