School Board

Mission Statement

The Board of St. Paul the Apostle School is a body representative of the school community dedicated to supporting the philosophy and mission of the school. The Board acts as a resource to the Principal and the Pastor, providing advice on matters of finance and school policy. It helps strengthen the present and secure the future well-being of the school as a provider of quality Catholic education.

Board Meetings

The Board meets nine times during the school year, on the third Wednesday of every month, except for December. Meetings are open to the St. Paul the Apostle School and Parish community.

Board Members

The Board is comprised of nine voting members, representative of the Parish and the School, who serve for a term of a minimum of three years, with the opportunity to renew for another three years. In addition to the voting members, there are an additional nine, non-voting, ex-officio members, including the Pastor, the Principal, a School Faculty Representative, the President of the PWC (Parents Working for Children), a Representative of the St. Paul the Apostle School Foundation, a Representative of the St. Paul the Apostle School Endowment, the Executive Assistant to the School Principal, a member of the Parish Finance Council, and the previous School Board President (serving as advisor to the current President and Board for one year).

Current board for the 2013-14 school year:

  • Jeff Soza,  President
  • Kathleen Hallinan, Vice President
  • Andreas Olavarria, Recording Secretary
  • Mary Bertone Tangney, Parliamentarian
  • Alicia Anderson
  • Kevin Crummy
  • Laura Saade
  • Conor Shalloe
  • Joe Traboulsi

School Board Nominations

The School Board reviews nominations in the early spring.  We welcome and encourage your nomination of yourself or someone else. If you would like to apply for a School Board position, please contact the Parliamentarian for more information about the nomination schedule.


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