PWC (Parents Working for Children)

Parents Working for Children (PWC) is the St. Paul the Apostle School parent support organization.  The PWC provides financial assistance to the school through fundraising activities including the annual Fall Festival.  The PWC coordinates parent involvement at school, and organizes a large number of social events in and out of school to promote goodwill and a sense of community among the current and alumni families, as well as between the school and church parish at large.  

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2015-16 Board Members

Sabrina Wazzan, President

Nancy Griffin, First Vice-President

Danielle Villalpando, Second Vice-President

Denise Traboulisi, Head Room Parent

Melinda Tamkin, Head Room Parent

Pam Peternel, Treasurer

Amanda Clarke, Assistant Treasurer

Rose Weidmann, Recording Secretary

Molly Harrigan, Festival Chair

Justine Giannini, Hospitality

Jennifer Muir, Hospitality

Lisa Saulino, Environmental Outreach Coordinator

Jennifer Keller, Corresponding Secretary

Julie Barker-Martinez, Parliamentarian

Waisze Lam Kwan, Communications Chair

Susan Kim, Reservations

Beth Yerke, Historian

Lisa Gascou, Hot Lunch Coordinator

Cari Hilger, Alumni Representative

Lisanne Watson, Safety & Traffic

Monique Mamikunian, Outreach Chair

Alice Palermo, Executive Advisor