After School Activities

St. Paul the Apostle School offers a variety of after-school programs.  See below for a listing, the program coordinators, and their contact information.

After-School Care Program

Ms. Karen Duenes:

The Singing Saints and Ukulele

Ms. Jenny Schlich:

Mr. Bryan Archer:

Theatre Workshop

Ms. Nora Masterson:

Musical Theatre

Mrs. Jen Newton:


Ms. Marcia Alessi:

Ms. Lydia Danielski:

Robotics and MathCraft

Mrs. Jessica Perez:

Ms. Jaclyn Pilat:

“The Halo”: The Online, School Newspaper

Ms. Kathryn Oliver:

Technology Club

Mrs. Wilma Plucinski:

After-School Art

Ms. Brigid Mason:

After-School Sports

Mr. Keith Mortimer:

Mr. Kevin Fraggi:


Marisa Naylor-Jones:

Jessie Spillane:


Larry Newman of Children’s Music Workshop:


Ysabella Chen:





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