Tuition Policy

Tuition for the current 2016-2017 school year (per child)

Reduced Rate: $8,500 (Available to qualifying St. Paul the Apostle Parishioners.)

Full Rate: $12,815

St. Paul the Apostle School is a parish school. All families wishing to be considered for the Reduced Rate tuition must be active parishioners. Full Rate tuition will apply to families who are not active parishioners.

An active parishioner of St. Paul the Apostle is someone who is officially registered in the parish, is a regular participant at weekend worship, and is involved in the activities of the parish community. An active parishioner is expected to contribute in a visible way to the financial support of the parish by giving on a regular basis to the offering.

The financial expectation of active parishioners is a total annual donation of at least $1,500 (approximately $125 per month) to St. Paul the Apostle Church. This level of contribution must be maintained for Reduced Rate tuition status. A school family’s tuition status will be reviewed regularly. If a change in tuition status is necessary it will be brought to your attention.

Full Rate tuition status will apply to new school families unless they have been active parishioners from January 1st of the year their child begins at St. Paul the Apostle School. (For example, for kindergarteners starting in Fall 2016, a family must have been an active parishioner on or before January 1, 2016 to qualify for Reduced Rate.)

Families moving from another parish may still receive Reduced Rate tuition status by providing proof of a similar level of contribution from their last parish.

Families unable to meet the expected level of contribution are welcome to meet in person with the Pastor to discuss their circumstances. Some other level of contribution or form of parish giving may be arranged to maintain Reduced Rate tuition status. If special arrangements are made, they will be reviewed in person with the pastor at least once a year. NOTE: Donations through the School Support (pink) envelopes do not count for church contributions.

Please note:  Qualification for Reduced Rate tuition is reviewed regularly. If a change in status occurs, the family will be notified.  Tuition rates may increase annually.

Pre-Registration Fee: $450 per child

The pre-registration fee covers all student consumable materials such as workbooks, library materials, media, art literacy and standardized testing. The fee also covers field trips and software. By offering innovative programs and highly qualified teachers we can ensure the continuation of educational excellence, which St. Paul’s has been known for throughout the past seventy-five years.

Technology Fee: (paid annually):

Kindergarten-5: $100

6-7: $150

8: no technology fee

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is not available to new families their first year at St. Paul the Apostle School. Parishioners who have attended the school for at least one full year are eligible to apply each spring. Filing an application for financial aid does not guarantee remittance of aid.

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