Children’s Religious Ed.

Religous Education for Children

  The Religious Education for children is held on Wednesday afternoons from 3:45 to 5:15PM.  There is a snack time from 3:45 to 4:00 and class time is from 4:00 to 5:15PM.  At our Religious Education we hold  classes for Preschool/Kindergarten 4 to 5 yr. , 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 5 & 6,  and [...]

Religious Education For Children

Religious Education Classes meet on Wednesday afternoons from 3:45 pm to 5:15 pm For more information, Please contact Irene Holly, Director, 310-689-6212          

Religiious Education May Newsletter

The month of May is dedicated to our “Blessed Mother” and to our “Earthly Mothers!”  Let us Rejoice!   Our Religious Education for the students is coming to an end on May 30th.  The students and their  catechist have shared  The Gospel Weeklies,  prayer, scripture reflections, and other activities that has helped them learn about [...]

Religious Education April Newsletter

We have celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus and we continue the stories through the Gospel readings at our Sunday mass each week.  The students will each week read the Gospels for each Sunday and share their thoughts on Easter and what has Evolved in the death and resurrection of Jesus.   At our Easter vigil [...]

Religious Education Newsletter – March

During the month of March, we continue to focus on our Lenten resolutions.  The students have been praying the Stations of the Cross at the church on Wednesdays afternoons when they attend Religious Education.  The Catechist each week focus on the coming days before Easter.    Their are no classes for Easter Break on March [...]

Religious Education Newsletter

  The month of February will begin very soon !  At this time Lent begins on Wednesday, February 14th along with Valentine’s Day!  This journey of Lent will begin with God’s Love for us; and Valentine is the love we will share with our family and friends.   One might say that the Religious Education classroom [...]

Religious Education Advent and Christmas Newsletter

This Advent Season prepares us for the Birth of  our Lord Jesus! Let us reflect what the birth of Jesus means in our lives.  We celebrate God becoming human which is the greatest gift of all by  sharing his humanity with us through his son Jesus! In preparing for this remarkable gift God has given to [...]

November Religious Education Newsletter

  In the month of November we celebrate Saints, Gratitude, and Awareness of Blessings! Our Religious Education will celebrate Mass on All Saints Day,November 1st at the church, 4:15 PM. On November 2nd, we remember our faithfully departed, “All Souls Day.”   This is the season to remember to share our gifts with a grateful heart.  [...]

Religious Education Summer Newsletter

HAPPY SUMMER TO ALL OF OUR RELIGIOUS EDUCATION FAMILIES! WE WISH OUR PARENTS AND THEIR CHILDREN A BLESSED AND JOYFUL SUMMER!   Thank you for  your commitment to bringing your children to the Religious Education each Wednesday afternoon. Our classes will resume on September 20, 2017.  The fee of $150.00 remains the same for the [...]

May Newsletter Children Religous Education

The celebration of 1st Communion for all of our 2nd grade students of the school and Religious education will take place on May 6, 7, & 13.   There will be a  Mary Prayer Service for our students of religious education on May 17th at the church, 4:15PM . The Religious Education last class  for all grade levels [...]