Religiious Education May Newsletter

Religiious Education May Newsletter

The month of May is dedicated to our “Blessed Mother” and to our “Earthly Mothers!”  Let us Rejoice!


Our Religious Education for the students is coming to an end on May 30th.  The students and their  catechist have shared  The Gospel Weeklies,  prayer, scripture reflections, and other activities that has helped them learn about Jesus, our church, the sacraments, and the liturgical time of the year.  There were activities that involved outreach, prayer services, and social justice .  Our 2nd grade children received the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.  Our RCIA students were received into the church at the Easter Vigil.

It has been a joy to participate with the children and their dedicated Catechists.  Our faith is stronger because we had  faith experiences with the students and their parents!

The parents have played the most important role in their child’s learning this year.  They have put faith into action every day.  It is their commitment to living a faithful Christian life that has  taught their child the most about our Catholic Faith!  We admire the parents greatly for their dedication to the faith and their families!

“Parents are in many ways like teachers, perhaps even more so, for they are the teachers of a lifetime.”  (Simon Glustrom)


Registration for the Religious Education is now taking place for 2018-2019.  Please call or email to register your child.

Irene Holly, Director