Religious Education Newsletter

Religious Education Newsletter


The month of February will begin very soon !  At this time Lent begins on Wednesday, February 14th along with Valentine’s Day!  This journey of Lent will begin with God’s Love for us; and Valentine is the love we will share with our family and friends.  

One might say that the Religious Education classroom is where the child hears about JESUS,  but the home is where the child meets JESUS and where LOVE is taught!  Throughout the Lenten season, share moments of generosity, prayer, alms giving, and attend mass on Sunday!   The church often refers to the home as the domestic church.  the home is a small community of faith where the family lives out most meaningful the generosity and goodness that JESUS taught!

We have our annual outreach to St. Robert’s Center which is located in Venice during Lent, where the center helps the homeless in the area.  

On Ash Wednesday there will be a Lenten Service for our families of Religious Education at 4:15 PM in the church.  All are welcome to attend this service.  

With all these thoughts for the season of Lent and Valentine Day, I wish the families a very “Happy Valentine Day”and a very good journey of faith during Lent!