Religious Education Advent and Christmas Newsletter

Religious Education Advent and Christmas Newsletter

This Advent Season prepares us for the Birth of  our Lord Jesus! Let us reflect what the birth of Jesus means in our lives.  We celebrate God becoming human which is the greatest gift of all by  sharing his humanity with us through his son Jesus!

In preparing for this remarkable gift God has given to us, what gifts can you give this season?  Some suggestions that are fashioned out of human responsibility and caring could be gifts of time, sharing our talents, giving gifts that renew life and preserve the earth. 


What other gifts of love can you give to Jesus who shares his humanity with you? 


We have two very special dates to celebrate the Mother of Jesus!  The first is the “Immaculate Conception”, a holy day of obligation, and “Our Lady of Guadalupe”, celebration on Monday evening at 7:00PM.


Our last class for Religious Education will be December 20th.  


May you and your family be filled with all the Blessings of this Holy Season!

Irene Holly

Director of Religious Education