November Religious Education Newsletter

November Religious Education Newsletter


In the month of November we celebrate Saints, Gratitude, and Awareness of Blessings!

Our Religious Education will celebrate Mass on All Saints Day,November 1st at the church, 4:15 PM. On November 2nd, we remember our faithfully departed, “All Souls Day.”  

This is the season to remember to share our gifts with a grateful heart.  Our students of Religious Education with the help of their parents will help the homeless at St. Robert’s Center by bringing items that are needed for their center in Venice, California.  So Appreciated!  

Other important dates are November 8th, our Parent meeting at the upper social hall.  On November 12th we will celebrate our Families of Religious Education at the 9:30 am mass.

Blessings to all as  we celebrate Thanksgiving with families and friends! 

Irene Holly, Director