Religious Education February Newsletter

Religious Education February Newsletter

February is always associated with the word “Love.”  It is a perfect time to perform acts of love toward others.  The children are always comfortable talking about Jesus as they learn more about their Faith.

But in forming and supporting the faith of a child, the religious education classroom is not the child’s main encounter of Jesus.  That happens at home! That means that in the home, a small community of family faith lives out most meaningfully the generosity and goodness that Jesus taught.  One might say that the classroom is where your child hears about Jesus, but your home is where your child meets Jesus and where love is taught.  With these thoughts I wish you and your family a very “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Please note that the 2nd grade school and religious education children will be receiving their 1st Confession on February 11, 10:30AM, at the church.

Our Jr. High students will be visiting Nazareth House to visit the Seniors for Valentine Day.  They have made beautiful cards to present to them. 

The RCIA adapted for Children Welcome and Acceptance Rite took place on January 29th at the 9:30AM mass.  It was a beautiful rite presided by Fr. Daniel McCotter, Pastor.  These children

will be received into the church at the Easter Vigil.  The Parent and Child both attend a session after mass on Sunday to prepare for the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist.

Blessings to all of our families!

Irene Holly, Director of Religious Education      310-689-6212