Religious EducationNewsletter for April

Religious EducationNewsletter for April

Easter has arrived and we continue to celebrate in joyful exultation  the 50 days after Easter in singing joyfully Christ is Risen, Alleluia! Just as the sun makes its presence felt in many different places, so Christ makes Himself really present all over the world! 

The Religious Education continues with enthusiasm as we celebrate Jesus!  Our Annual Family Potluck will take place on Saturday, April 23rd.  The children will perform for the families which is always the highlight along with the wonderful food that we share together as a Community.  The 2nd grade families both of the school and Religious Education will celebrate together a Prayer/service Dinner on April 18th as they near their Celebration of receiving their 1st Holy Communion. 

April has arrived and there is a whisper of Spring.  Trees that were bare now begin to blossom with new growth.  With Christ Risen we feel deep within the stirrings of Hope and Joy!


Irene Holly, Director