Thanksgiving message from our Principal

Thanksgiving message from our Principal

This Sunday’s Gospel from Matthew 25 is a perfect lead into the Thanksgiving holiday: “for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and you visited me.” Over the last month I have witnessed many times how the community of SPACC has reached out to those very people Christ discusses in this Gospel passage. It is wonderful to know how many people recognize the gifts and blessings that have been bestowed upon us and are willing to in turn give back to those less fortunate. Throughout the month I have asked that you take time to recognize the blessings you have and share / discuss them with your children, family and friends. Today I extended that challenge a little bit for our students. One of my all-time favorite lessons to teach dealt with an essay written by Alex Haley called “Thank You” ( He tells of his simple act of acknowledging three other people’s impact on his life by writing a good, old-fashioned letter which led to powerful reflections and gratitude on the parts of all involved and the ensuing motto that he chose to live by: “find the good and praise it.” So today, I asked the students of SPA to accept the challenge to choose three people and write them a letter explaining why they are thankful for that person’s role in their life. The three I chose are: my wife, my faculty and staff, and you, the parents of St. Paul the Apostle School.

I don’t want this to be longer than usual, so I will get straight to the point! THANK YOU for allowing me to serve you and your children. THANK YOU for the gift of becoming part of St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Community which you have helped to create. THANK YOU for inspiring me with your model of generosity and service. THANK YOU for your amazing children I am blessed to work with on a daily basis. THANK YOU for accepting me as the new principal at SPA and giving me the opportunity to build upon the great model of spirituality, love, academic rigor, and support established by Sr. Stella’s leadership and care. THANK YOU for “letting me be me.” THANK YOU for making me, in just six short months, know that I am home.

Quick review and an update for the week: A special thank you to Ms. Wuliger, Ms. Eaton, Sr. Stella, and Ms. BJ in the work they did preparing ornaments and leading students in decorating a beautiful Christmas Tree that is on display in the Visitor’s Center of the Mormon Temple. If you have time during the next month, I highly recommend a visit to see the beautiful trees on display there! Congratulations go out to Ms. Gawitt, Ms. Pilat and the Varsity Robotics Team who took 1st Place this past weekend at the FLL Los Angeles Qualifying Tournament. The team will now compete in a regional tournament in mid-December! Go SPA Robotics! Please join us on Wednesday at 11:15am in the Church for our Thanksgiving Mass led by the 6th grade. And finally, Sunday November 30th welcomes our new 9:30am Mass music director Bryan Archer and provides families an opportunity to make homemade Advent Wreaths before and after the 9:30 Mass. I hope to see many of you there!

Have a restful, grateful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Much love,

Mr. Richard Billups

Instagram/Twitter: @SPAprincipal