A Message from our Principal –

A Message from our Principal –

From the Desk of Sr. Stella Maria, Principal:


The theme for the week, based on the Sunday Reading, is:

Your Role is Important.


Reflection for Parents and Children

Alto or soprano, tenor or bass, linebacker or receiver…it doesn’t matter what part you sing or play in life; your role is important! The sopranos often carry the melody but without the altos the sound would be less rich. The quarterback is central to a team but he can’t do it without offense, defense and receivers. No matter how strong, a group cannot be effective without organization and a strong leader. We don’t like rules but they give us the structure we need. A coach’s inspiring words or a choir director’s passion makes all the difference. Jesus announces His role as leader, with each of us part of the Body of Christ.



What organizations are you part of that require you to bring a unique gift? How is that group better because you are a part of it? Do you know what the word evangelization means? We believe that we can tell people about God by our words, and by the way we live. Being a good evangelist is knowing the beliefs of your faith and living them. Add your gifts – remember, your role is important!


Fall Festival 2013

Very soon we will be announcing the theme of our 2013 Fall Festival, which will take place on Oct. 11th and 12th. We will give you a sneak preview of events to come – it will be another great fun-filled experience. Just wait!


I.T.B.S. Test Scores

Starting on Monday, Feb. 4, you may pick up the I.T.B.S. Test Results in the School Office, during Office Hours. Enclosed with the test results is a letter from our Superintendent, Dr. Kevin Baxter. Please read the letter first – it will give you some insights to this new version of I.T.B.S.


Dr. Wendy Mogel

Parents, please mark your calendar for Tuesday, Feb. 12th from 7:00pm – 8:00pm in the St. Paul’s Church. As we have announced over the past several weeks, Dr. Wendy Mogel, a renowned speaker on parenting, will address the topic, “How can I be an effective parent in a culture that breeds anxiety and entitlement in children?”


Parents, it would be wonderful to have both parents/guardians at this session – we expect one parent/guardian from each family. The topic fits all ages. On that night, the students will not have to do homework.


Scout Mass & Pancake Breakfast

Reminder – there is a Scout Mass is on Sunday, February 10th at 9:30am, to be followed by the traditional pancake breakfast run by Boy Scouts Pack 55 just after the 9:30am mass in the JCPC.  The pancake breakfast is $5/person or $20/family.